Wikistream : node.js, live recentchanges, Ed and Ward

Ed Summers, Library of Congress hacker extraordinaire, DPLA contributor, and r2d2 fan, recently took the IRC-channel stream of recentchanges from major language-versions of Wikipedia and made a web version of it.  The following exchange on the wiki-research-l list deserves preservation:

I've created a little toy webapp that displays updates from the major language wikipedias in real time:
   http://wikistream.inkdroid.org   -- Ed

I've written this app several times using technology from text-to-speech to quartz-composer. I have to tip my hat to Ed for doing a better job than I ever did and doing it in a way that he makes look effortless. Kudos to Ed for sharing both the page and the software that produces it. You made my morning. -- Ward

Wow, thanks Ward. You made my professional career :-)

Major props to node.js, redis and socket.io.  I really just put the lego pieces together. It feels like the tools are getting better and better some days.   -- Ed

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