Wikimedia ranked #1 NGO by The Global Journal

The Global Journal, a new journal published by Jean-Christophe Nothias and based in Geneva and Manhattan, covers international affairs and governance.  In their 9th issue, they recently reviewed global NGOs and ranked the top 100 by their own criteria -- with Wikimedia taking first place for its work "built on the belief that information is not a for-profit commodity."

As they point out in their introduction, the ranking is subjective, and comparisons hard to make across such a wide field.
While we devised a specific set of metrics to guide our choices – including impact, innovation, transparency, accountability and efficiency – there is no science in the measuring. How does one – after all – compare the fundamental societal impact of an organization like the Wikimedia Foundation, with the tangible outputs of a well oiled humanitarian machine?

Ultimately, we hope this list will inform, stimulate debate, inspire and – most of all – shine a light on the incredible dedication that continues to be displayed in and out of the spotlight on a daily basis.
Nevertheless, there is clearly love in their thumbnail sketches of the 100 organizations they profile, and I am proud to see Wikimedia's work recognized and used as general global inspiration.

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