Planet Wikimedia: in 11 delicious languages

Here are 11 Wikimedia planets, most of them in a single language.  A link to the planet is followed by an estimate of activity - the average # of posts per month.  The GMQ blog is for all Scandinavian languages.

The most active planet is the English OpenPlanet, which reads from an editable feed on a public wiki page.

OpenPlanet (120)
English (80)
French  (60)
German (30)
Polish  (15)
Italian  (15)
Scandinavia (7)
Czech (5)
Chinese (3)
Arabic (2)
Romanian (1)
Portuguese (0.5)

Russian  (0.5) stopped after 10/2010
Spanish (20) - only active in 5/2010, then stopped.
Planet incubators (5 of them) - the Russian and Chinese incubators have recently been active.

1 comment:

  1. There are many interesting Wikipedia blogs in other top-20 languages that do not have a planet... and many good unheralded blogs, more active than those aggregated by some of these planets. A global planet that pulls from the best blogs in any language, and keeps up with which are trendy and well-fed, would be interesting.

    Some method of limiting the # of lines given to each post of the highly active blogs would also be useful -- so that more great bloggers can get some visibility in the first few pages.


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