Wiki Loves Everything

Starting with "Wikipedia Loves Art", the meme of WikiLove has been associated with art in public places, and with a certain type of photo-contest/scavenger-hunt, for years. The "Wiki Loves Monuments" hunts (started in 2010) are somewhere between a contest and a travel plan.  In both cases, participants try to capture photographs of monuments or works of public art, and upload them to Commons.

The spirit of "Wiki Loves FOO" as a way of saying to the world, "Wikimedia would love to have images of your FOO and share it with the world", is a fabulous message that we need more of.  While we've largely done it for fun within our own community, we should also consider making this a more explicit love letter to the culture and artists that created this art in its original medium, usually intending it to be shared with the public for generations to come.

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