La WikiGuida di Wikimedia Commons

Last year, Wikimedia Italia developed a delightful video tutorial for using Commons.
Se conosci Wikipedia, magari ti sei chiesto dove staranno tutte quelle foto e animazioni che illustrano le voci... La risposta è Wikimedia Commons, un unico archivio multilingue di file multimediali che fornisce immagini a tutte le Wikipedie del mondo e non solo!  Speriamo che questa "WikiGuida" sia apprezzata [e] migliori la percezione e l'uso di Commons...

If you are familiar with Wikipedia, you may have wondered where all the pictures and animations are found... the answer is Wikimedia Commons, a unique multilingual repository of media providing images to all the Wikipedias of the world and more! We hope that this"WikiGuide" is appreciated and helps improve the use of Commons...
The same team has made a Wikipedia guide, and is planning UPDATE: has now published one for Wikisource.  Below is a repost of a review from Brianna Laugher's All the Modern Things, dating from it's original release. 

Lest anyone miss this, I thought I must post it – it’s a video explaining and showing Wikimedia Commons (Italian with English subtitles):


This is so well done! Ben fatto, Wikimedia Italia! I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to plan the text and choose the images. The text is nicely concise, doesn’t belabour any points, and is quite comprehensive – from OTRS to Meet our photographers … I thought it was quite funny at first, seeing the narrator in the menu on the left, but it is a nice way to see him and also see lots of colourful images. :)


  1. Don't tell anyone :p the guide to Wikisource is out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR0g5ACaC-g

  2. We are working on the subs of the Wikisource video, we'll let you know as soon as they're ready.


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