WikiLove: the small projects edition

[[user:Krinkle]], a Dutch hacker and small wiki monitor, has started a 2011 "Tour de Wiki" for developers to go through our smallest wikis and make sure everything is functioning properly post 1.17 deployment. As he says on Wikitech, the small projects that don't have a big in-house technical community often have a hard time of it...
More often than not, the smaller the wiki – the worse the local site wide resources are.

Blindly copied mess from one wiki to another, in some cases (the better ones) messed with until they work.
But we want our small projects to thrive! So if you are someone who understands things like  "if a css class for .wikitable is defined, go to an article with a wikitable and inspect it in Web Inspector or FireBug and see if the core rules match the wiki's," then I encourage you to join the Tour de Wiki. And kudos to Krinkle for starting it.

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