Wikimedia Picture of the Year

While the current Wikimedia Board elections may be dry and esoteric for some, the Commons Picture of the Year contest is anything but.  36 extraordinary images - selected through the first round of voting - are finalists in this contest to determine the best of 2010.  

You can only vote once in this round -- and how hard that is!  Even though you are warned about this in an enormous font twice before getting to the voting page, my eyes were drawn only to the images and I voted for many images before catching myself.  The portal pages are laid out beautifully - works of art themselves. And while there are some glorious photos taken by government groups and for other purposes, some of the best photos of all were taken exclusively for Commons.

Even if you cannot vote in this round (200 global edits/uploads required :-/ ) you're sure to find something to write home about, or at least a glorious bit of desktop wallpaper[0], in this lineup. 

[0] computer jargon comes up with the silliest mixed metaphors, no?

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